Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live from an IT/SW Firm: An example of anti-Human Culture of the Society

Last week in my office (IT/SW Industry) near the coffee machine, I was cleaning my cup of tea to get some tea. A person come and see me washing the cup, he doubtfully ask me whether I am looking at the pantry work on the floor. I simply answered, "No." Then I took my tea and go out of the room. After some time that person come to me and said, "Sorry!!" I was surprised to hear it. Why did he say sorry? Then I thought that if he asked this type of doubtful and "wrong" question to a pantry person, like "Is he is an engineer." And the pantry person had answered no; then, did this person say sorry to that pantry worker? Never!! At this movement I cannot stop myself to analyze the deep reason behind this type of partial and anti-democratic behavior.
What he does at that movement was the reflection of capitalist habits which differentiate the individuals who work as engineer and who work as pantry boy or do any other physical work. It is the creation of the difference between mental and physical work. It happens when you don't have the knowledge of the importance of your as well others' work for society, and only focused on earning profit and wealth or livelihood. These type of values are also true, and the same thing also happens, when a middle class individual interacts with the individual of higher class. It is actually, and really, the class character and class interest of the people living and growing in a capitalist society. This character of the capitalist culture is the open example, which represses, oppresses and crushes the individuality of a person and creates differences between them and finally kills the democracy of the society. Still many people, can are present in the society, who are unaware of capitalist habits and values, they do arguments that socialism kills the individuality of the persons. I would like to ask that if they try to observe (it is very important!!) one or two incidents, which are daily happening around them, then there will not remain any word to say about individuality in the capitalism.
While this type of culture, this type of behaviors, and this type of values will exist in the society how someone can expect that there will not be oppression, there will not be exploitation and there will not be corruption?? And this culture cannot be controlled by any law. Middle class of the society, with this type of behavior are the base for all these anti-democratic culture of the capitalist society.
These anti-human and anti-democratic values are reflected in every middle class individual, whatever level of qualification (I don't say education!!) he have. These cheap capitalist values develop in a natural way in the control of capitalist superstructure, in every individual who don't involved in the physical work.
These social values of the present capitalist society cannot be accepted by any conscious person!!

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