Monday, June 20, 2011

आग्नेय वर्ष

आग्नेय वर्ष उपन्यास के इस हिस्से में एक मध्यवर्ग के कलाकार पास्तुख़ोव के मानसिक द्वंद का एक शानदार चित्रण!  
जो क्रांति से पहले आराम से जी रहा था, और क्रांति के बाद जब प्रतिक्रियावादी कज्जाक उसे क्रांतिकारी होने के संदेह में गिरफ्तार कर लेते हैं, तब, गिरफ्तार होने के बाद, समाज की परिस्थितियों के बारे में उसके दिमाग मे क्या विचार पैदा होते हैं, और अंत में वो किस प्रकार एक झींगुर को देखकर मध्यवर्ग की स्थिति से घ्रणा कर उठाता है
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Once More Crisis, Once More Rising....

For all who think they are safe from the point of employment and livelihood.
After anti-system movement in Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya [See Here]) now in Europe (In Spain, and Paris, and UK, and Egypt**) and also in Kazakhstan (See Here) many Youth are awaking and trying to put the demands of public in focus against anti-public polities and activities of the ruling capitalist powers.
But, what the youths of India are doing. They sometimes go with Anna Hazare for Lokpal Bill, sometimes go with Baba Ramdev for anti-corruption and Black money issues. And there are many protests of workers are happening (See Report of Labor Day 2011 Demonstration), but still most of the youths have no interest in it, they don't give much attention to the demands of public, they look very busy in their own life or waiting that "some people" will do everything for the whole public.
We should take a look on these two types of movements, and the conditions of these African and European nations compared to India. We see the situations and movements of Africa and Europe and India.
How long to carry!!
In Spain anti-capitalism protest is happening and in the Paris on 29th May people gathered for the support of demonstrations across the country decrying mainstream politics, unemployment and corruption (See full report here). Now we see few points explaining the current condition of Spain and whole Europe, a report by Neil Clark (Full Report at: Link Here):
"# 81 million young people worldwide were without jobs at the end of 2009 - the highest level of youth unemployment ever. 
# Taking to the streets, in increasing numbers, to protest over the country's high level of youth unemployment - which at 45 per cent is the highest in the EU. 
# Almost 21 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds are unemployed. 
# Youth unemployment is as high as 34 per cent"
What impact it had on the people, in the view of Neil Clark:
"Is it any wonder that people are getting angry?" "It's an anti-capitalism, anti-market ruled society, anti-banks, anti-political corruption, anti-failed democracy, anti-degraded democracy and pro-real democracy protest" He adds, " I won't be surprised to hear the same thoughts expressed on the streets of London and Manchester very soon."
Neil Clark draws a conclusion for the problems that is neo-liberalism or  open exploitation of workers in contract based production. We can see some more. In an article ("Food prices to double by 2030") published in the Guardian on 31 May 2011, papers by Oxfam, says, "One in seven people on the planet go hungry every day despite the fact that the world is capable of feeding everyone. The food system must be overhauled." It is the truth of capitalist era.
At a place the article says that it will lead to "political unrest" and "will require radical reform of the international food system." According to the article ruling powers must give attention to it, and so it is giving the picture of real conditions of the public so that rulers be ready for handling the crises.
This article did not explained why it is happening? Why, in spite of tons of grain are destroyed, one out of seven people daily sleep hungry? It means that 100 crore people out of 700 crore of total world population sleep hungry, not because of unavailability of food, but because of theft by few people. See Here Why??
At this moment many people, worldwide, who were supporting capitalism on the examples of European nations, now where will they get justification for their utopia about capitalism? Whole capitalist media, who all are the puppets of capitalists (all of us know it!!), are silent on all these protests, and trying to hide these demonstrations all around the Europe. Why? Only because these protests are anti-capitalism, it is the demands of hard working public; not of any imperialist of any capitalist.
A March for Life
Now at this movement a very big question arises that if African and now European youths are raising their voice against worst life conditions in capitalism, which are not as worst as in India here (See detail : Here). Then, why Indians, here, are not raising their voice for justice? See some of the facts; we will get surprised, in India,
# 77 percent of the Indian population is living below 20 rupees per day, which is nothing more than unemployment. In this so called "income" (<20 rupees per day), 84 crore people are living with poverty, which lead to malnutrition, and then finally end to starvation of 84 crore poor people. And at other side numbers of billionaires are increasing with fastest pace in the India.
# Over 394.9 million workers (86% of the working population) belong to the unorganized sector and work under “utterly deplorable” conditions with “extremely few livelihood options"
What is the reason that most of the Indian youths are living in such a worst conditions without any shouting for justice, while European start their demonstrations in much better conditions than presently in India like unemployment, poverty, starvation, malnutrition, inequality, corruption etc. etc. etc. (VISIT HERE FOR ALL DETAIL OF CONDITIONS in INDIA)!!!!
Whenever any voice for justice is raised then all anti-public means are tried out by the administration and capitalists to crush it (See recent report on "A Major Victory for the Agitating Workers" and Bhatta Parsaul). Why most of us become so busy in our daily life that we cannot see anything happening all around us; or we just satisfy ourselves by our senseless discussions; or we don't have any faith in self and in public; or we don't want to come out from a very long and anti-progress impact of 250 years of colonial slavery. We need to think about it, need to analyze it, and then also act for it to bring progress for all with a change for all.
"If organic tissue is capable of life it must react to every stimulus. ... "To pain I respond with tears and outcries (चिल्लाहट), to baseness with indignation (क्रोध), to filth (नीचता) with loathing (घृणा). To my mind, that is just what is called life. The lower the organism, the less sensitive it is, and the more feebly it reacts to stimulus; and the higher it is, the more responsively and vigorously it reacts to reality." - Chekhov
But, today this "life" has forcibly pushed below the burden of earning livelihood, either of a poor person or a rich person, and it is the reason why we don't react to any "stimulus" we get every time, at every place.
This cannot be continued!
This should not be continued!!
This must not be continued!!!
This will not be continued...
This is to be CHANGED.....
**References of Spain, Parish and other European Demonstrations:

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