Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beyond the shining India: An opportunity to explore the society in depth.

The Children of a Workers Family

In the recent days I got an opportunity to explore the Indian society beyond shining face of India. With the same opportunity, last month, in the support of Workers’ Charter of Indian I went to a labor area with my friends to promote the workers demands. After some time of promotion activity one of the worker families come and informed that tea is ready, don't leave without tea. This family was so poor that they must not get good food for two times. They daily cook their food at the corner of the streets with old Indian traditional fire Chulha. As they didn't have money for milk, so they offered us lemon tea, this tea was offered with great love and respect (much higher quality than any higher class Five Star Restaurant or even any higher society contact . . .)
Member of this family work for whole day in the factories to produce resources for the “progress” of India. The progress which is only enjoyed by few counted people who mostly don't work for any production at all.
A Worker

This family, with a great enthusiasm for a bright future of the Workers, donated twenty rupees for the support of Workers' Charter Movement, (See more information about W.C.M. Here) In a hope that proper arrangement can be made for workers movement. How much twenty rupees matters to them? Most of the people cannot imagine. Only that person can imagine who either living or ever lived in that conditions of poverty and unavailability after hard work.
But, this family is not only one. Their dreams for a healthy life is not only limited to their own life. Will of all the working people, men and women, who all are left behind the progress and deprived from all the resources they produce, are waiting for the Change.
Many social groups, political parties and some independent progressive intellectuals, in place of uniting with this source of unbound progressive energy of working people, they keep wondering here and there, throwing their hands and feet at this and that, without any future of success.

Today, in this degenerated stage of society, when whole society and its people are losing their progressive will, there is a need to unite the progressive energy of Workers with the Science of Society and unite all the intellect with the workers to replace this society with a progressive society.

Monday, April 18, 2011

An appeal to all who support justice [ हर इंसाफ़पसन्द नागरिक से समर्थन की अपील ]

For all among us,
Who support justice, 
Who want to stand with the justice, and
Who want to join hands for justice. 
It is a time to raise your voice in the support of workers' demands:  For those who are providing us everything.
In last one year have visited many worker areas in Delhi and Gurgaon, and it was very surprising for me that workers who are pushed in these areas are the majority, and they are forcibly deprived from every development and progress on which whole nation is running. These poor people work in factories, in service industries, in car production companies, in cloth making companies, in coal and metal mines, and provide everything for the progress, which is present all around us, and whatever we all us use in our daily life. But, they themselves never get anything in return of their hard work, and remain in worst living conditions with only food for two times which is also only that much so that that they can go to work next day.
May Day 2011
It is possible that workers would be thinking that people who are enjoying on their hard work, one day their heart will change and they will arrange a system where they will get a good livelihood for their children and their family. (They have been thinking since centuries!)
On this International Labor Day 2011, working people from all over the India will join together to present the charter of their demands before parliament of India to implement all labor laws for contract workers who are the majority of total work forces in India. All these laws are only defined in the Constitution, but none of them are implemented for any contract work (See: Report on CWG construction Workers), where most of the workers (men, women, and even children) are forced to work in the worst conditions in very low wages.
All Workers Unite For their Rights
I want all justice loving people to come in the support of Workers' Charter Movement, because we all should have respect for those who make food, cloth, books, houses and all other things we see around us. 
Present TV Channels and Newspapers which were promoting the  movement for 'Lokpal Bill', whole day and whole night, that same news media will never promote these justified demands of the workers. So, as a part of the society everyone must join the workers to strengthen them to put their demands before the parliament of India, and come on Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on the International Labor Day (1st May 2011).
If we think that this is really justified demand of the Indian Workers then must promote these demands among our friends and social circle and ask them to come and join the working people.
See the complete Charter of the Workers of India at: http://www.workerscharter.in/

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Sketch of the Future Drawn by Chernyshevsky

निकोलाई चर्नेविश्की के कुछ शब्दों में (From Novel "What is to be Done" by Nikolai Chernyshevsky):

"कितना विचित्र यह नहीं कि कोइ व्यक्ति कहे, "मैं प्रसन्न हूँ।", और मानववादी तात्पर्य होता है, "मैं सभी को प्रसन्न होते देखना चाहता हूँ।" और दोनों बाते एक ही हैं।" (98.2)
"जीवन, प्रकृति और सामान्य विवेक एक दिशा में खींचते हैं, और पुस्तकें दूसरी दिशा में |" (109)
जहाँ तक इस बात का सवाल है कि लोगों की मूर्खता नई व्यवस्था की स्थापना में बाधक है, मै मानता हूँ कि वह बाधा है, लेकिन . . . . जैसे ही वह इसमें अपना कुछ लाभ देखेंगे जो वे पहले नहीं देख पाए तो तत्काल अक्लमन्द हो जाएँगे । उन्हे अक्ल पाने का अभी अवसर ही कहाँ मिला, लेकिन अवसर मिलते ही वे इसका पूरा-पूरा लाभ उठानें में देर नहीं लगाएँगे।” (114-115)
तरीकों का चुनाव परिस्थितियों के अनुसार किया जा सकता है, चरित्र के अनुसार नहीं ।” (119)
गौण व्यक्तियों अथवा लक्ष्यों के पीछे अपना समय बर्बाद मत करो, बल्कि मूलभूत की ओर, उसके निर्धारक तत्व कि ओर ध्यान दो, इससे गौण कार्य और लोग भी बदलेंगे हस्तक्षेप करके या न करके |” (285.1)
कोइ ऐसा शिखर नही कि जिस पर पहुँचा न जा सके; जिस पर केवल श्रेष्ठ ही आसीन हो सकता हो । मेरे अभागे मित्रों अपने पंक से उबरो, दिन के उजाले में आओ, प्राप्त स्वतंत्रता से खुश होओ, यह सहज है, अत्यन्त सम्मोहक है, बस कोशिस करके देखने की जरूरत है । देखो और सोचो, और ऐसी पुस्तकें पढ़ो जो शुध्द आनन्द, सद्गुण और सुख की चर्चा करती हैं ।” (314.2)
झोपड़ियों को ही देखनें वाला व्यक्ति, सामान्य भवन का चित्र देखकर उसे प्रसाद ही समझ बैठता है ।” (314.2)
हम सब लोगों का यही तो स्वभाव है कि दूसरो को भी अपने ही मानक से मापते हैं ।” (318.4)
किसी पुस्तक के किसी पात्र के बारे में कहा जाता है, "झूठ ने कभी उसके होठो को स्पर्श नहीं किया।", अथवा, "उसके ह्रदय में कोइ छल-कपट नहीं था।" पाठक सोचेगा, "कितना चकित कर देने वाला सद्गुण।", लेखक सोचेगा, "यह है नायक, जो सभी को चकित कर देगा।" पहला लिखते समय अंधा था दूसरा अब पढ़ते समय ।” (353.1)
हर किसी का स्वभाव अपना-अपना होता है, जबकि उत्तेजनशील व्यक्ति सावधानी से खीझता है, शान्त स्वभाव आकस्मिक उताबलेपन से बिद्रोह कर उठता है।” (400.1)
किसी खास स्वभाव वाले लोग किसी खास बात के लिए उस समय तक परवाह नहीं करते जब तक कि इससे उनके सामान्य जीवन पर प्रभाव नहीं पड़ता, जो कि उनके विचार में कहीं अधिक महात्वपूर्ण है।” (401.3)
मानव जाति अगर अपने विचार उन्मुक्त कर दे तो वह निश्चय ही दस गुना तेजी के साथ प्रगति करेगी।” (420.7)

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